translating an imagination



I tell stories through images, spatial form and music.

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Exhibition, Events, Interior, Exterior, Theatre, Music.

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Blurring the boundaries between personal passions and professional work.

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Authorial Studio. Individual projects related to spatial design and creative directions.
concept design
From way finding, researches to space planning and 3d details. Stage sets and commercial spaces.
audio & visual
Own art projects and additional services on request regarding music / photo / video and graphic creation.
Never enough, but 18 years of working in various creative enviroments allows to see a wider perspective.
Authorial supervision during process of production to keep artistic and quality standard according to the project.
Dedicated support
Individual approach to each subject and passion.


Art Concept of space, permanent exhibition design and executive project in bulding Skarbczyk, 200 Sq m.
Support and consultations for permanent exhibition design - 550 Sq m inside the Pavilion 2 and 3, Two Exhibitions: History of Agriculture and Rural Crafts.
RECon MENA EXHIBITION 2016, Ritz Carlton Hotel DIFC, Dubai, UAE. Stand design.
Pavilion concept design for Tawazun and ADTCA.
Permanent exhibition and scenographic design - 450 Sq m spaces on the ground floor including: Entry Installation and Gates, II RP Gallery, Warsaw 1935, September 1939, POW camps, Two Occupations. Supervision on site during construction.
Co-author of stand design.


Design proposal, “cocoon” concept.
Stage and entrance area design.
Space arrangement of the pre-function area and stage design. My works are a part of a winning pitch.
Space arrangement and stage design visual concept.
Space arrangement, stage design and collateral works.
Overall space arrangement, design elements and visualisation. Creative cooperation during realisation on site.
Developing of the Souk Area: Kazahstan, Afganistan, Way finding and 3d design of architectural building elevations.
Space arrangement of the pre-function area and collateral works during building the set.
Scenographic cooperation including: concept of the entry portal, Foyer arrangement, advertising materials, identification of hostesses. Managing of fit-out teams. Supervision.
Projections for music. The concept includes four abstract images - the four elements - earth, fire, water, air - presented in the form of photo compositions and animations displayed in HD video format on a screen with a length of 25m to the Prokofjev’s Symphony No 1.
Catwalk design, supervision and managing of fit-out team.
Stage design for a classical music concert & supervision.
Set design for an event and projections. Supervision.


Winning space planning concept and consultations. Cooperation with Parasol Furniture, Dubai.
Two concepts of interior space with arrangement and visuals, 550sq m.
Original interior design with copper tubes, signage and logo proposal, partial supervision.
New spatial forms, space and light arrangement, schematic documentation, 3d design, supervision. Realised shops: Golden Terraces in Warsaw, Manufactura in Lodz, Cracow Gallery in Cracow.
Furniture design and space arrangement, including commercial spaces on the ground floor: entry hall with reception, cloakroom, room with the bar, dancing room with the bar and small stage, 400m2.
Two Storey Driving Range in the Tennis Courts Warszawianka area, Warsaw. Concept design.
Interior design and supervision.


Form of creation: projections; director: Nina Diatczenko, Viano Gomez de Foncea Gerardo; theatre: Cracow Opera,
Form of creation: scenographer assistant; director: Dale Duising; theatre: Opera Enschede
Form of creation: scenographer assistant, projections; director: Mariusz Trelinski; theatre: National Opera, Warsaw.
Form of creation: scenographer assistant.
Form of creation: scenographer assistant.
Form of creation: scenographer assistant; director: Kylián Jiří


Original project for piano and orchestra instruments.
Original project for instrumental jazz trio.
Original project for instrumental jazz trio.
Original solo instrumental project.